Hi, everyone! Hope your Monday has been a good one thus far!

One holiday gift for me came early this year: right around Thanksgiving, I received a contract on my second novella for Total-E-Bound! That's an awesome feeling 🙂

SOUNDING THE DEPTHS has a scheduled release date of May 21, 2012. Anticipating Emmy's amazing cover art and Becca's wonderful editing, I'm a bit unfocused on finishing a couple of WIPS that need to be submitted works! Ah well…bring on the coffee!

Here's a sneak peek at SOUNDING THE DEPTHS:

* * *

Ethan Gray, former sailor on a nuclear submarine with the Royal Navy, arrives in California to work on a technical paper with a military recruiter, an acquaintance who introduces him to the elusive Josh Bennett. Back in California a few weeks later to attend a five-day party, a commitment ceremony for two friends, one with whom he served in Iraq, Ethan again runs into one Joshua Bennett, an explosive ordnance expert in the United States Navy and veteran of two Iraq tours, just returned from a third year he volunteered to spend in Afghanistan: this, an unexpected decision he remains loath to discuss even with the few closest to him.

While Ethan’s initial encounters with Josh leave the easy-going, confident British sailor in love for the first time, the tight control Josh maintains in his professional and personal lives leaves him reluctant to ever fall in love again. To win Josh, Ethan must help this man who captured Ethan’s heart heal his own and leave his dark past behind him. With some persistent interference from Josh’s feisty twin sister Lana – and a specific gay-friendly phone app – can Ethan convince Josh to drop his defenses and let love in? Or is this British sailor out of his depth?

* * *

This image isn't quite accurate since Ethan is black, but I'm making do until I track down some additional images for my character biographies — and my much-anticipated cover art arrives 😉

To learn more about the people in my current releases, pop by my site and check out some steamy images accompanying the character biographies and tidbits introducing you to the men and women in UNSTRUNG and BENDING TYME.



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