Grace Draven is a Louisiana native, living in Texas, and is a financial analyst by trade. She is the member of a large on-line network of writers, as well as a member of a site that archives fiction works. In the spare moments between working a full-time job and caring for three small children she writes romantic fiction. Grace has lived in Spain, honeymooned in Scotland, hiked through the Teton Mountains, ridden in competition rodeo and is the great, great-granddaughter of a Nicaraguan president. She is an avid fan of medieval history, Renaissance faires, Russian culture and the culinary arts.

Silhara is the most contrite man I’ve ever met he is by turn callous and sarcastic and one of the most adorable heroes ever written. He treats what is his with such kindness and affection from his oranges to his dog. Martise is a wise and vibrant woman who through years of slavery knows how to control her emotions except of course when it comes to Silhara. This is a long and imaginative story that grips you in the first few pages and leaves you looking for more of this orange loving pair after it finishes. Ms Draven has an imagination for storytelling and world building her descriptions are clear and colourful and I could all but smell the oranges in the grove.

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