Jenny Penn now lives near Charleston, SC with her two dogs. However, she has moved almost every three years and held jobs on opposite sides of the spectrum. From working for one of the world’s largest banks as an auditor to turning wrenches as an outboard repair mechanic. You only live once so she wants to cram as much as she can into this life. Jenny feels women in the erotic romance genre are not confined to the stereotype and plots and loves letting her imagination run wild. 

Ms. Penn uses suspense, humor, raunchy sex, action, and adventure to grab the reader in this hot tale of paranormal fantasy. Claire is an independent character who is strong and capable of handling any alpha male character. Derek is a no nonsense dominant male without being overwhelming. The first line in Mating Claire is hilarious, and I was riveted from there. The author uses wonderfully vivid words to describe everything from the office, the forest, the passionate encounters. Paranormal stories usually have me jumping for joy to read, but this novel had me excited to spread the word about the sensational book I read. Readers, pay attention because here is a tale fit for any book lover. Spectacular read! 

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