I’m appalled at the use of the media.  I mean, we know that Britney Spears has a drinking problem and should NOT be raising children (nor should the so called father of the children either, so that’s up to courts to work it out) and we know that Brangelina are great adulterous missionaries.  I get it.  But when you turn on CNN and you see parents accused of kidnapping (or worse) their own children after months of searching and praying, it saddens me.

Can it happen?  Hell yes.  Does it happen?  Hell yes.  But should it be put in the papers and on the media that they are suspects in the case?  No.  Should they be put in the media once there is irrefutable proof?  Yes.  Should they be strung by their necks in the middle of time square if they are indeed guilty?  Pass me the rope and I’ll do it myself! 

I just don’t know why the media has the need to feed off of sorrow and devisitation from families.  Look at the Virginia insident.  The media couldn’t get enough pictures of people crying, families mourning, and … God knows they took enough pictures of the killer and gave him more publicity than they did any surgeon saving lives or kindness shown to a homeless person.  The papers are obsessed with showing the bad in people, and teaching the future generations that in order to get your picture in the paper you have to do something so horrendous, so beyond human understanding, that people will talk about you for years to come. 

What makes us read it?  That’s another question.  I see headlines and try not to read anything that is speculation or just plain cruel.  We should all boycott this news!  SHame on you for paying money to read it, for passing it on to friends, and for giving murderers exactly what they wanted before they either die or spend time (and not enough time if you ask me) in prison. 

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