Meet Seth Masters…the sexy hero from the first story of my ‘Bride’s Inn’ series of paranormal romance.  Seth appears in LADY IN WHITE.  And he’s got the heroine, Serena, panting for him.  Hmmmm…I am, too!  LOL 

I love heroes.  Particularly, Seth.  That’s why I gave him his own My Space page.  You can check him out at www.myspace.com/sethmastersli

Seth is the dark, brooding type of hero.  The tortured soul.  He’s always got a lot on his mind – including Serena.  Characters with secrets are my favorite and Seth’s got a few…so does Serena.

Maybe that’s why they’re so right for each other.

Now, let’s have some fun with Seth.  Go to www.myspace.com/sethmastersli and read about him.  Then, send an email to me at booknook56@aol.com and let me know a couple of things about Seth.  Make sure to put the word ‘Seth’ in the subject line of your email.  Do not post anything here at the CTR blog.  Tonight, I’ll post the winner of my ‘Seth’s Best’ contest – I’ll post it right here on the CTR blog.  That winner will receive a free copy of LADY IN WHITE.

And…I’m extending my first contest, too.  Read my very first blog post from today.  I’ll post that winner later on tonight, along with the winner of ‘Seth’s Best.’

Now, let me know what kind of romantic hero you enjoy and check out the following excerpt from LADY IN WHITE, and get a taste of…


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