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Since lunchtime is nearing, I found a place in my current WIP where I could return and post some more right here at Coffee Time Romance! The ladies here are awesome, helpful and even though I may be technically challenged, they certainly know their stuff. But what I wanted to talk about in my second post are the Abcynians, more so, the Panthera!  With two books in the Panthera series available from Cerridwen Press, there’s much to share. Later today, I’ll post an excerpt from Seductive Persuasion and Rhiannon’s Pride.

For now, here’s a description of the Panthera!

They have walked amongst mankind for centuries. An elusive, primal race bound by honor, they have become the leading figures of their times. Among the leaders are the Panthera, the few who possess the soul and ability to change into a panther upon reaching maturity at 200 years old. With their numbers decimated by betrayals and the battle between good and evil, the Panthera and Abcynian kind must find a mate. Someone who can match their passion, handle their panther half without fear and remain loyal to the secrets of their kind. If they fail, both their race and mankind risk extinction or becoming the minions of an ancient, unimaginable enemy.

As I’d posted in the introduction, two books are available, with the first, Seductive Persuasion, set in Late-Medieval England in 1453.  The second, Rhiannon’s Pride, is set during the Late-Renaissance, and yes, while each book stands alone in the series, characters from the first do appear in the second. A third is newly contracted and I’ll talk more about that another day!

Don’t forget to read through the blogs, post comments, questions, whatever you’re comfortable with. Just for posting you can win an EC tee shirt and a deck of playing cards. Answer a question that I’ll post at the end of the day, and you could win an autographed copy of Seductive Persuasion.

Until after lunch, enjoy your afternoon!

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