Journey #4-

Meet the Characters of Flesh Fantasy


Rhys Matthews

Rhys Matthews – 1873

His gaze is spellbinding.

His accent is mesmerizing.

His kiss is intoxicating.

Rhys Matthews is impeccably defined, undeniably masculine and mouth-watering from every angle. He is a man that can make a woman rejoice in being a woman. One look and he can ignite a fire to burn and smolder in all the right places.

But Rhys is more than just a sexy vampire— he is the guardian and protector of Ambrose Heights.

With a towering frame and unmatched strength, Rhys Matthews is formidable and foreboding. But with just a mere mention of a name, he can be brought to his knees.

And her name is Rain.


Excerpt from “Flesh Fantasy- Ambrose Heights Vampires” Book 1:

“Tell me. When a woman looks at a man the way you looked at me, what is she trying to say? What is she trying to accomplish?” Rhys asked.

He had shifted when he sat, bringing a bent knee up on the cushion of the booth, one arm draped on the table as the other snaked behind my head.

He leaned in close, his face so deliciously close to mine.

“That sh–she wants to get to know him, I guess,” I stuttered.

I don’t ever recall stuttering before. I was always polished in my carry. This was a pathetic showing.

“Hmm, so that means you wanted to get to know me?”

Fear of stuttering once again, I resorted to a simple nod in agreement.

“But did you want to get to know me, or did your body want to get to know me?”

I gasped as I responded breathlessly, “Both.”

Rhys Matthews is portrayed by Lalito Pacheco

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Armand Anastasio

Armand Anastasio- ???

Armand Anastasio.

To speak this vampire name is captivating. The sexy roll of the tongue with his first and the sharp hiss at the end of his last can make the most bashful woman feel adventurous, daring and aroused. It is a name that is meant to be articulated with a lustful breath, not just simply spoken.

Armand is the talk among the women in Denver. He is handsome, wealthy and mysterious.

Like white on rice, women cling to him.

Rarely is he seen with the same woman twice. And it wouldn’t be unheard of to see him sporting two, three or even four women as his companions for the evening.

Yet one woman can change all of this.







Excerpt from “Flesh Fantasy- Ambrose Heights Vampires” Book 1

He was suave and had a way of commanding attention. Even seated, he looked like a king, radiating an aristocratic presence. Yet at the same time he had a rebellious spark. A striking eyebrow piercing, earrings and dark stubble deliciously finished his look.

Then there were his eyes.

I couldn’t really make out his exact eye color. They seemed to shift, as if iridescent in quality. Within shadows, his eyes shimmered with a gray brilliancy. Yet when captured by the light, they were coffee brown. And still, somewhere between shadow and light, I could swear that I saw a touch of honey shine through his enchanting gaze.

Whatever his eye color was, there was no mistaking it— Armand Anastasio was simply gorgeous.

“Earth to Rain.” Kimi snapped her fingers in front of my face.

Armand Anastasio is portrayed by David William Murray Fisher

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Rain Calisto




Rain Calisto

Rain Calisto is hell-bent on finding a perfect man.

Rain is a beautiful and successful woman. She knows what she wants and goes after it. And when it comes to preferences regarding the opposite sex, she is headstrong, uncompromising, and categorically precise.

Yet night after night, event after event, Rain discovers that the task of finding her concept of an ideal man quite challenging. And while holding out for her man, Rain discovers something else that poses quite a challenge— living another day in abstinence.

So Rain and her circle of friends devise a game. Crafted to satisfy nothing more than raw, physical needs, ‘The Junk Trunk’ is hatched and this game of flesh plays out in a Denver nightclub.

But when Rain sets her sights on the sexy guy at the bar as her unwitting game contestant, she gets much more than she bargained for. He has a sexy darkness about him. His eyes shimmer with intensity. His body is sinisterly mouth-watering from every angle.

If only she could see the pearly white fangs of Rhys Matthews.

Let the games begin.








Excerpt from “Flesh Fantasy- Ambrose Heights Vampires” Book 1:

I searched his eyes silently as my pulse raced. I had been staring at the man endlessly for some time, but now, as the promise of experiencing him intimately was at the threshold, I was thoroughly processing everything about him.

My stomach fluttered about as I soaked in every detail, as if my eyes were literally touching him. Everything about him sparked a fiery sensation that smoldered just beneath my skin. His smile, his square jaw line, his dark goatee and mustache against his white skin, his hooded and lustful stare, the deep timbre of his voice and the roll of his accent were decadently flawless.

I needed this man, badly.

Please God, have him answer commando so I can claim my prize. I don’t think I can walk out of here with just a kiss on the cheek.

I wrestled within myself, pleading with a higher force that I never considered before.

Then I closed my eyes.

Boldness, a desire to be a little naughty, materialized in my consciousness, slowly devouring the coyness that washed over me the moment I opened the booth’s curtain. Self-confidence and brashness billowed and oozed from my pores.

I opened my eyes with my renewed sense of coolness. I reached out to Rhys, my finger delicately tracing the dark, thick manicured facial hair that traced the contour of his chin.

“If things got a little heated in this booth here…” I started.

“Good girl. Now you are getting down to business. Go on.”

“And I wanted to do some exploration, discreetly.”


“How hard—”

“Oh, it’s very hard!” Rhys said with a slap of overconfidence.

“That’s not the question!” I shot out.

I smiled and shook my head as I rephrased the question.

Rain Calisto is portrayed by Brettni Jaber

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