Introducing Lord Dal of Clan Daimh, Archmage of the World.

Windmaster Legacy by Helen Hendersen coverAs a man, he is tall, a full head taller than most men, even though men from the M’twan Mountains run to long in the leg. Black hair, short on sides, falls to just below shoulder in back.Sometimes, such as when he is recovering from using magic while aboard ship, even though he sports the stubble of a bear, he is usually clean-shaven. Trained as a solder before powers asserted themselves, forearms show scars from practice blades and actual battles. As might be expected from a former member of the famed troop of Telarim the Red, Dal is muscular, which even though he now commands the master spells, is still a skilled swordsman and a master horseman.

It is impossible to totally separate Dal the man from Dal the archmage. For the one, a long sword is indispensable. For the other, different tools are needed. His scrying crystal is an emerald gemstone the size of a small egg. It was given him by Touelle, a mentor and early professor of Dal’s at the school of mages. Stronger workings requires a different weapon to focus the mages powers. Dal uses an iron dagger with an emerald gemstone in pommel. Like his scrying gem, the dagger had a long heritage. It had been handed down through the ages from wizard to wizard.

Insight into the man:

A frigid calm encompassed Dal. He waited, lightly balanced on the balls of his feet, for Bashim to make the first move. There was no uncertainty…no fear. Bashim would die!

Bashim sketched a spell in the air. A fiery spear flew at Dal’s head. With a smile, Dal raised his hand, blocking the attack. He closed his fingers, extinguishing the flame.

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Hope you’ll come back when I talk about a different kind of mage, one whose soul is imprisoned in stone for the crim of healing without payment. Helen

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