Thank you, Claudine!  I felt exactly the same way about fantasy and sci-fi!  The average man supposedly thinks about sex every ten minutes, yet traditional fantasy heroes let their gal pals die virgins?  What a waste of perfectly good virgins.

So, I created a fantasy world brimming with romance and erotica.  Sex plays such a big part in our lives, why shouldn’t it be a driving force for elves and wizards, too?  My New Pangaea Series offers mouthwatering beings with real desires in a dangerous world of magic.

With Valentines around the corner, I can’t help but toy with such racy scenarios of buffed up wizards and sinewy elves.  Oh, the possibilities.  But like everyone else, I’m also hoping for a mind-blowing V-Night that rekindles blazing passion.  Why should it feel different from the first time he touched you?

I think the answer is also why we read romance novels and why we want romance in our fantasy – mental foreplay.  We need it, in our books and in our love lives.  The mind is the most erogenous zone and can open the gates to memorable nights of passion.  Yet in comfy relationships, we forget to put effort into the seduction of each other’s minds.  

Think of the flirtatious banter, soft whispers, and coy body language that led up to your first night together.  We read romances for that build up.  It makes us all the more satisfied when the heroine gets what she wants from the hero, in the same way that the first night with your lover was so unforgettable.

Fantasy romance offers that same satisfaction but with magic in an amazing setting.

This Valentines, why not seduce your lover’s mind?  I bookmark the hottest scenarios in fantasy romances and erotica, then read them aloud to my husband at night.  Not only does this get the room all steamy, but he picks up all new ideas and techniques.

You could even take this one step further on Valentines, and role-play the scenario.  Dress up the bedroom and play the part to extend the mental foreplay.

Pour some wine, and flirt as if he were a total stranger.  You could whisper what you love about his body, smile, then look away, all coy and vulnerable.  If he makes too quick a move, stop him and say in your most sultry voice that you want this to last all night, and to feel like the first time.  That will sooo turn him on.

Get his mind all worked up. 

Of course, getting all worked up alone can be very fun, too.


Later today, I’ll post a list of my favorite naughty scenarios. 

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