Mercy Thompson isn’t a normal girl. For one she’s a VW mechanic and has no qualms about getting dirty and greasy. The other is that she’s a coyote shifter, also known as a walker. The first book in the series is Moon Called and it is here that we are introduced to Mercy and her world (which is like ours, but has fae, witches, werwolves and vamps in it). Mercy and her werewolf neighbor Adam, who also happens to be the alpha of the local pack, are trying to find out why there are new werewolves in town. With the help of her ex-boyfriend/werewolf Samual they are in for one wild hunt. In the second book Blood Bound we learn a little more about Stefan, Mercy’s VW van driving (think the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo) vampire friend from the first book. There’s a new vampire in town and he’s anything but normal. Stefan has to find out what he is and since Mercy owes him a favor, he calls her on it. Mercy is also dealing with the affections of Samual and her growing ones toward Adam on top of everything else going on in her life. She and her friends are yet again put to the test in this thrilling ride. Iron Kissed is the third book and it’s got to do with the fae. Mercy’s former boss and mentor Zee, is arrested for murder and since his own kind won’t help him she takes it upon herself to. There’s also Samual and Adam still. They both want her to decide who she wants to be with and if she won’t they will. This was another action packed book full of surprises. The fourth book in the series is Bone Crossed. Mercy’s managed to make the vampire queen extremely mad and she doesn’t play nice. Of course there’s a psycho that’s out to get her too and it’s yet again up to Mercy to get out of this mess along with the help of her friends.

I just have to say that I love this series and look forward to each books release. These books have me sitting on the edge of my seat until the very end. I have been known to stay up until the wee morning hours to finish Ms. Briggs’s books. Her writing is fabulous and very action packed and will leave you wanting more. I highly recommend this series.

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