In 1998 Zetta Brown won first place for The National Society of Arts & Letters (NSAL) Award for short fiction in the San Antonio regionals. Her writing has been seen in many different literary journals. Finished with her first novel, Messalina-Devourer of Men, she is currently working on her second, Malice. Keeping herself busy, Zetta is also Editor-In-Chief of LL-Publications. Originally from Texas, Zetta Brown currently resides in Scotland with her husband, Jim Brown.

The story was full of lust, love, fantasy, fiction, and many more feelings and emotions. I could not put the book down, anxious for the ending and dreading it at the same time. A well-written and unbelievably sensual delight, I would recommend Messalina, Devourer of Men to any reader who likes passionate tales. This erotica novel is what other books should strive to be. Ms. Brown certainly knows her way around a fantastic story of love, lust, and boy meets girl. Awesome read!

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