This story has been roiling around in my mind for many years. As an author, I’m used to having voices in my head. They tell me their life stories, and demand that I write them down, so readers will allow them to live in their minds also. But non-authors are confused when I tell them this. So I wrote an author character who also hears voices in her head.

I chose the name Naomi for my heroine, because a dear friend, who passed on way too early, many years ago, was named Naomi. I always wanted to honor her brave spirit and her independent, feisty nature. So here she is!

I also swore years ago that I’d never even read, let alone write, a romance with a Scottish hero. Why? Me late faither was from Glesga–and the accent duz-nae say, “Hello sexy man in a kilt,” to me! It says, “Hello, Dad.” Totally NOT sexy! LOL. But he’s been gone for over 10 years now, and I miss his accent. It was fun, trying to write phonetically, the way he spoke. If it causes you any troubles, just read it aloud the way it’s written. Glaswegians are much harder to understand than most Scotsmen. It’s not you–it’s them!

Blurb: Naomi, an author with anxiety attacks, seeks help from an experimental dream therapy. The doctor’s grad student assistant is a Scotsman in a kilt. Their tentative relationship spirals out of control when they get close to the truth. Can their relationship survive? Will they?

Early reader A.G. has put up a review on my publisher’s page:

Gaelic magic indeed! The concept for this book is truly unique. When Naomi Delu Morrisson, best-selling romance author, begins to have mysterious panic attacks, she goes to a dream therapist. With the aid of a mysterious device (and a mysterious and sexy Scottish grad student) they walk through her memories to find the source of her problems. But the two of them are not alone – they are joined by the author’s characters, who exist in her head as fully-formed people! I loved this book from start to finish – the fictional characters were delightful, and both Naomi and her sexy Scotsman were charming and engaging. And of course, there are some absolutely steamy scenes involving all of the above!

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