Someone I Chose is the third book in Ella Braeme’s Married in Windfall series. Like the other two it is a novella about a couple that are being thrust into marriage by circumstances they do not control. This book is for lovers of slightly over-the-top small-town romances with lots of side-characters.

Someone I Chose is a standalone novella for a mature audience.


She never wanted an arranged marriage. Now she’s got the husband to prove it.

Marrying a perfect stranger to nix Neha’s parents’ plans to marry her off seemed to be a great idea. It was for show only, after all. That is, it was until Neha’s powerful father threatened to have the marriage annulled so she’d be free for the fiancé he had chosen for her. Neha thought hard and long for a sanctuary, but the only place that came to her mind was her husband’s. And so she was stuck in exactly the scenario she had tried to avoid: make-do with a stranger as a husband.

Someone I Chose takes off where the second book in Ella Braeme’s Married in Windfall series ended, yet it is part of the multi-author Hallow Fall series, set in the Colorado mountains. If you like small-town romances about reluctant lovers, you’ll love this one.

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