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Hello! I’m Pippa Jay, author of scifi and the supernatural with a romantic soul. Today I’d like to share with you an excerpt from my science fiction romance novella, Tethered (rated 4.5 stars by InD’Tale Magazine, where the reviewer said “Listing every superlative from “Amazing” to “Zesty” might just do this novella justice! Highly recommended.”. I’ve just re-released it with a shiny new cover.

Here, cloned Su assassin Tyree has been assigned to act as bodyguard to Zander, a scarred human diplomat recently left widowed. But she’s getting too close for comfort…


Tyree slid from the bed and Misted out to pass through the bedroom wall and into the living quarters. Zander had fallen asleep in a chair. For once, the scarred side faced her. The delicate ragged tendrils fanned across his cheek and temple like the feathery fronds of a netusi palm leaf. She wanted to touch them, to trace the patterns they made. To her, they were beautiful, just as he was. The mark of his suffering and courage.

The strange and sudden urge disturbed her, quickened her pulse. What was it about this man? He had charm, certainly. Handsome, considerate, quietly determined. Or was it simply that being confined with him meant she had come to know him in a way totally unlike her previous encounters with humans. Was that the difference? Would she see humans in a different light after this occasion? Visaya, Pevanne, even the avian medic Callista, had become familiar associations. Perhaps even friends?

Still incorporeal, still drawn to him, she hovered closer. No, this seemed something else. Being in his presence warmed her more than the body-molding memorphorm mattress. More like rejoining her kin in Refuge. Although not the same, she hungered for that sense of kinship, of reunion that she’d believed could be found only in her traditional home.

She drifted in front of him, merging into his aura. Warmth and golden light wrapped loving coils around her, and she bit back a moan of pleasure. She wanted more. Not the full auric release of death, but at least the illusion of unity with him. Her lips brushed his, a feather touch. A shimmer of yearning passed into her from Zander, and she took more solid form to press her mouth against his and feel him mirror her move even though he was still on the edge of sleep. Heat flooded her veins as their kiss deepened and his desire blended into hers.

She wanted this man. While she might not be prepared to admit it aloud, she had come to admire him, human though he was. A strange feeling for a Su. She had never had a choice in her targets. Among the Inc-Su, when the compulsion for Communion forced her to seek one out, it would often be the first she met equally desperate to share. To make her own choice now only deepened the terrible desire she felt for him. It burned her. A pain both consuming and sweet.

Zander lifted a hand, threaded it through her hair, and pulled her in. “Mirsee,” he whispered with longing, and she jerked back as if he’d punched her in the face.

His eyes flickered open, and then widened in surprise. “Tyree?”

She opened her mouth, about to protest, but he blinked and saw her clearly. Pain splintered into her, pouring from him in an icy cascade of shock. “Tyree!”

Agony smacked her in the chest. His passion had been for his lost love, not for her.

She Misted out and ran away.


She can kill with a kiss. But can assassin Tyree also heal one man’s grief, and bring peace to a galaxy threatened by war?

For Tyree of the Su, being an assassin isn’t simply something she was trained for. It’s the sole reason for her existence. A genetically enhanced clone—one of many in Refuge—she’s about to learn her secluded lifestyle, and that of all her kind, is under threat by a race capable of neutralizing their special talents to leave them defenseless.

For Zander D’joren, being a diplomat has not only cost him his appearance, but also the love of his life. Scarred, grieving, he must nonetheless continue in his role as co-delegate to the fearsome Tier-vane or risk a conflict that could only end one way.

Now both of them need to keep each other alive and maintain a perilous deception long enough to renegotiate the treaty with the Tier-vane, or throw their people into a war that could wipe out Terrans and Inc-Su alike. But there’s more at stake than humanity, whether true or modified. Can the love growing between them save them both? Or merely hasten their destruction?

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