And it will  involve the “S” word.

As a relatively new author, I find myself going through many emotions and thoughts. I am sure that I am not alone in some of my ramblings, self criticisms, muse interruptions, and yes…. even the occasional pat on the back. (Oh I have moments of greatness. We all do. I just fail to realize them until after they have passed.)

In parting, I would like to share one of my not so thrilling moments. Writing sex. Whew, there I said it. It’s out in the open. There’s no turning back. Everyone, reader and writer alike, know what their comfort levels are with such things. I find that I really have no shame when it comes to reading books with explicit sex, yet I equally enjoy the ones that are closed door scenes. When I wrote the scene in Buckling Down, I was embarrassed. Mind you, I did know that my mother would pick up and read anything that I wrote. Especially if it was published.

So I wrote the scene. Tried for closed door. Was told by a critique partner that I needed to go back and add more.

What?! Add more? I didn’t believe there was more in me. Yet I struggled and re-worked the scene. It came back to me with a comment of…. Better but I still need more. Great. I had a WTH moment. As in WTH was I supposed to do now.  I pushed myself to a place I never thought I would go. The scene is still tame by many people’s standards, though it pushes the envelope for what I am comfortable writing, however I believe that I have discovered the reason. Ready? Here it is.

I like to write what I know. (Yep, there’s another little insight into Moira.) I won’t spell it out for you. Surely you get my drift. It is not too late to rectify, but whether I will ever reach a comfort level to write as some of my dear friends believe I can… that my dear friends will remain to be seen. Hope you come along for the journey.

I have enjoyed my time with you all today and look forward to returning when I have another book to share with you all. Thanks to all the Coffee Time Romance Staff for having me and the readers for listening. See you round!


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