Molly Harper is another author that I have been recently introduced to and she has two book that have been released so far. The first one is Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs and it’s hilarious! It’s about a girl named Jane Jameson, who is a librarian and an all around nice girl, who loses her job at the library. As severance pay she is given a twenty-five dollar coupon for potato skins. While drinking away her sorrows and eating her severance pay she meets a handsome stranger and ends up talking to him for the rest of the night. After getting loaded beyond belief, which she never does, she get mistaken for a deer, shot and left for dead while on her way home. Next thing she knows it’s three days later and she’s hungry for blood. Now that she’s one of the undead, Jane is trying to get used to her new schedule, her feelings for her hottie sire and trying to figure out who wants to frame her for murder.

The second book is called Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men and it’s another riot. While trying to juggle working at a run-down occult bookshop, getting a handle on her relationship with her sire, Gabriel, Jane is also going to have to wear the ugliest bridesmaid’s gown in history because her best friend Zeb is getting married to a werewolf in a Titanic themed wedding. Zeb’s mother is trying to get Jane to marry Zeb instead and on top of that Jane’s Grandma Ruthie has a new fiancé who’s history of dead spouses rivals her own. Now Jane has to figure out how to keep things under control with Zeb and his soon to be werewolf in-laws, keep the bride happy while keeping zeb’s mother from making things worse and trying to find out who the man her grandmother is dating is.

I love these books and can’t wait for the third book Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever to be released in December. Check out Molly’s website for more information or her blog

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