I’ve always let inspiration guide me when I write. Wherever the story takes me, that’s where I go. When the monsters showed up and demanded their stories be told, I couldn’t tell them no. I mean, monster romance! Yeah. I love it. But when my monsters showed up, they weren’t the run of the mill monsters. Not just vampires or shifters or goddesses. Oh, no. I got a cyclops, gargoyle, siren and now a medusa, aka the gorgon. I’ve never had this much fun writing a series. These monsters have hearts of gold and are fun.

I hope that shimmers through when you read the stories. The first book is Taken by the Cyclops and my newest release in the Taken series is Taken by the Gargoyle. Have a taste and see what you think!

Taken by the Gargoyle (Taken 2) by Megan Slayer
Cover Art: Angela Knight

BIN: 010756-03497

Genres: Action AdventureNew ReleasesParanormalRomanceUrban Fantasy

Themes: Elves, Dragons & Magical CreaturesMagic, Sorcery, and WitchcraftNew Adult

Series: Taken (#2)

Book Length: Novella

 With the help of a gargoyle, an enchantress tries to connect her past to her future.

Spread the ashes, find her future, meet an overly eager harpy, a gargoyle and the love of a lifetime? Belle might not be new to Eerie, but she’s got a lot to learn.

Belle Isle came to Eerie because she needed to hide, but also to spread her late mother’s ashes. According to the will, she needs to visit Chester’s Corners within Eerie. The job seems easy until her car breaks down, stranding her on the side of the road. She’s convinced she’s at her lowest point.

Then she sees the gargoyle, and her entire world changes.

Azel wasn’t looking for love, but he knew the moment Belle set foot in Eerie. His harpy eagle, Melanie, knew there was something special about Belle, too. He refuses to let her tackle the job of spreading those ashes alone — especially when he finds out she’s being followed by a shadow from her past who wants to ruin her future.

Warning: Taken by the Gargoyle contains references to child abuse in the victim’s past that may be triggers for some readers.

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