LOL! Bonnie, you are too funny! Okay, well in hopes that you don’t bop me in the head with a fitness ball, I’ll tell you what I have under my bed. There’s two MSs I started I haven’t finished–yet. One was a contemporary cowgirl/English lord story, which, when I got going had someone tell me it wasn’t romance. Needless to say, her comments put a damper on my enthusiasm for a while, and believe it or not, I stopped writing. Then I kicked my backside. Why should I let someone, whose writing I didn’t particularly care for, bother me? This was what I wanted to do, so I did. No, I haven’t picked that story back up yet, but now that you’ve reminded me, perhaps I shall.

Another story I have is about a female diver and a SEAL hero. I started this one with a punch, but then didn’t like the way I had it going. It needs more, and needed more skill to tell then what I had at the time, so I put it aside until I could think about it more. After I finish the series I’m working on now, I intend to go back to that one as I think it’s really relevant to today, and I really feel I can do this now.

I also have the first first manuscripts I wrote completed but they need to be reworked. My editor has seen “Guardian Angel,” and loves it. Like I told her when I submitted it, it isn’t up to my current level. She saw what I meant but still loves the story, so I’ll be working on that one as well in the coming months. Here’s a short description of that:

“Guardian Angel”: Thinking she’s killed her partner, Marie Taylor flees to Ft. Bridger, Wyoming to escape her partner’s militiamen friends trying to kill her and runs smack dab into the local sheriff. Warned by his great-great grandfather, a quirky ghost he calls Gramps who will haunt Jake Colder ’til his dying day, Jake knows the new waitress in town is trouble. Thing is, is Gramps right? Is she really the woman for him?

Then there’s my VERY first MS, I call Shadows Walking. I love this story. It’s a contemporary romantic suspense (surprised?) with an archeaologist as the heroine and an Apache lawyer as the hero who’s trying to save his tribe’s property rights. I actually contacted the Jicarilla Apache tribe years ago when I wrote this (while suffering through the aftermath of the hurricane I told you about) and worked with a woman who was then on the council. We still keep in touch today and she really wants me to get this published. She loved the story. And she was so helpful in making sure I had my facts right, plus, I felt funny writing about a people that are proud yet I had no personal first-hand knowledge about. Anyway, in her honor, I’d love to get this done, so I’m redoing it as well. Thing is, it has all the faults of a first-time writer, so there you go. It’s a beautiful story, it needs work. I promised it’ll be out as soon as I can finish it! Here’s a blurb from my website on it:

“Shadows Walking”: Spirits of the past remain to protect the native land of the Apache and bring the heroine, an archaeologist, together with a man she thinks had no respect for her ability, a high-power lawyer of Apache decent. Together they delve into the known, and the unknown, quenching their thirst for justice and love in each other’s arms.

So there you go! If you’re readers have an opinion on this, I’d love to hear it! They can email me at

And to talk about fitness and coaching, I’m not certified but I’ve been doing this for four years. I learn more all the time. And I understand what it’s like to be sedentary and out of shape. Like I’ve said before, I started to exercise because of health reasons. My cholesterol was through the roof. But I KEEP doing it because it makes me feel so good. That’s why I’ve started a blog for women like you and ME–to keep us motivated to take care of ourselves. It’s important. We are the most important resource our families have, yet as women, we discount this so much! And we shouldn’t. If you want to take the BEST care of your familiy, then you HAVE to take care of yourself, too. On my blog, I share tips and briefs or articles that I’ve found that helped me or that I think would be helpful. If anyone is interested in checking this out you can see it at Check it out? What do you have to lose? LOL! Yeah, ok, maybe some fat deposits, but better than that, you have much more to gain, and that’s in the way of better health!

 LOL! Okay, enough of my ranting right now! (Yes, as you can see, I’m like a reformed alcoholic or something! Sorry about the preaching!)

 Hope everyone has a great day!

~ Lise 

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