So here’s the second excerpt she promised :) 


Excerpt 2


Gayle had been to Tyler’s house once before, but only on business. She’d been very careful to respect his privacy and not stray out of his living room, where the décor tended toward “contemporary bachelor” and consisted mainly of tan leather, glass and large electronic components.

He shut the front door quickly, dropped his keys into a wooden bowl on the small entry table and turned to yank Gayle into his arms.

“That drive seemed a whole lot longer than the twenty five minutes my watch said it took.”

She shivered at his impatience. She wound her arms around his neck and pulled his lips down to her own. A soft sigh escaped her at the first touch, and she relaxed into his kiss, parting her lips in welcome. She could taste the intoxicating mixture of chocolate, caramel, wine, and pure Tyler.

His tongue flicked against hers and then began an invasion, rhythmic thrusts interspersed with lush, long strokes. The kiss deepened, devouring and intense.

Pressing herself as close to him as she could get, Gayle rubbed her aching breasts against his chest and threaded her hands into his short hair, relishing the silkiness of the short thick strands against her fingers.

He pulled his lips from hers, tilted his head back and took several unsteady breaths. Detaching her arms from around his neck, he grasped one hand and led her down the short hallway. “Let’s get more comfortable.”

She didn’t have a chance to take in Tyler’s bedroom.  As soon as he pulled her through the doorway, he wrapped his hands around her waist and tossed her onto his bed. She landed on her back, bounced a little and was momentarily grateful to have not fallen off onto the floor. Tyler stalked toward her and all concern vanished.

He moved to stand between her splayed legs, eyes fixed on her face as he tore at the buttons on his dress shirt.

She caught the tip of her tongue between her teeth and managed to sit up so she could reach him. Pulling eagerly at his belt buckle, she seemed to have lost all coordination. She growled in frustration and abandoned the belt, distracted by the now naked chest above it.

Oh. My. Tyler had a gorgeous chest, not too muscular, but not at all flabby. His love for early morning gym visits obviously paid off in spades, or at least in a six pack. She slowly ran her hands up his chest then swept them out toward his shoulders, grazing his small dark nipples along the way.

He let out a long groan but stood still, allowing her to explore.

She smiled slyly at his reaction and stroked back down his chest, this time completely avoiding his nipples. She stroked upward again, savoring the light dusting of dark hair.

He leaned forward and then lifted a single eyebrow when she again avoided touching the now hard disks. He stepped back from between her legs then quickly flipped her over onto her belly on the bed. Ignoring her small squeal of surprise, he drug her back toward him until only her upper body remained supported by the bed and he was again standing between her legs.

He pressed one hand into the small of her back to hold her down, though she no desire to escape, anyway.

Wait until he discovered just what was under her conservative business suit. She felt him fumble with the button on her skirt, heard the sound of the zipper then felt him start to pull the skirt off. When it reached about halfway down her ass, she heard him moan and grinned to herself.



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