I think my idea of a hero all steems from Pride And Prejudice. I remember very well sitting in my English class in high school, reading through Jane Austen’s classic novel. Every time Mr Darcy’s character graced the pages – all brooding and arrogant and haughty, with just a touch of secretive mystery – the pit of my stomach seemed to go all squirmy. It’s probably not surprising then, that most of the heroes I write are brooding, arrogant males with more than a touch of mystery and danger to them (nor that I married a man some would say is brooding and arrogant. *grin*)

There’s the bounty hunter, Raiven a’Tor from Shifting Lust, Last of the Terrans and probably the most arrogant and dangerous of the lot; Sabian Talano from Spaceport: Hidden Phase, definitely brooding and more than a little mysterious, The Mouse from Viva Los Regalos: Kat and Mouse, an international jewel thief who knows he’s the best there is, and Declan O’Connell from Savage Retribution, alpha wolf with a blood vengeance to pay and a terrible family past involving his sister, to name but a few.

Yes, Mr Darcy has definitely left his mark on my heroes. So imaging my absolute rapture when faced with the terribly wonderful task of deciding who makes the greater romantic hero – Mr Darcy

Mr Darcy - YUMMY

Mr Darcy - YUMMY

or Mark Darcy

Mark Darcy - YUMMIER?

Mark Darcy - YUMMIER?

– as portrayed by Colin Firth…*sigh* (Did I mention my husband looks like Colin Firth?)

What do you think?

And on that conundrum, I’m going to go to bed for a while. It’s just past midnight and I’ve yet to give my husband a hug for his birthday.

See you all in six or so hours.

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