Good afternoon. Sorry I am late I had to get up at 4 this morning after an hour and a half of sleep and go to work and am just now getting home. So with that in mind, if I start to zone out while writing, hopefully you will understand it is just my brain shutting down without caffeine.

Today with Book Brew With The Coffee Crew we are talking about our favorite Spies, Mystery, or Suspense book that just wowed us. For me it is Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard. Not only is she a brilliant writer who has you guessing who did what, she adds such a wonderful sense of humor to it as well. For those who have not read Mr. Perfect, I suggest you do, it is a fantastic novel.

Mr. Perfect is about a group of women who mockingly talk about what Mr. Perfect would need in order to be, well Mr. Perfect. So these four friends make a list of the qualities they look for in a perfect man. Even though they consider it a joke and nothing more, someone it leaks to the press and becomes an overnight sensation. As the four women become famous over this list, one person does not find the humor that everyone else is and begins killing off the ladies of the list. Filled with mystery, murder, mayhem, humor, romance, and yes some steamy “stuff” as well, Mr. Perfect is the perfect combination for any reader.

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