You are spot on.  Waiting for a review to come back is horrible! 

Writing comes from some special place inside people.  That is why each book is different, even though most themes and subjects have already been done.  So, it’s awful to have someone crush that.  I just try and remember my Grandmother come review time…she read four romance novels a day, and loved me to pieces.  But the woman flat out told me, she would never read my books unless I wrote category romantic suspense, cowboy, or baby stories for Harlequin.  LOL! If my own Grandmother would have trashed me, simply because it wasn’t her cup of tea, I can only imagine what a stranger would do. {{Keeps me in the right mind-set, anyway.}}  🙂

Speaking of, my Grandmother was one of the people who inspired me to write.  She definitely instilled my love of romance novels, and supported me when I said – “Hey, I think I can write one of these!” My Grandfather is the other person – without him, I don’t think my love for books would have ever taken root. 

Okay, I have to explain why I didn’t post yesterday…it’s just too crazy.  I spent the hours I wasn’t writing or working, searching for my cat.  He is a beautiful Himalayan house cat – no collar, no tags, no nuthin’ and he never goes outside.  Well, I came upstairs after doing laundry, and noticed the wind had blown our door wide open.  Then I realized there was no cat.  So, I open up a can of tuna and put it on the porch.  After frantically searching every area of the house, I put the dog on the leash and walk around for a good mile perimeter around the house, calling “Here kitty, kitty” like a loony bird.  Almost in tears, I walk back home – thinking he’s either run over, or somebody snatched him up.  The little bugger is sitting on the porch, happily munching away on the tuna.  ;-)  I tell ya…that was some drama, my life didn’t need! LOL!

Thanks for the well wishes on the poll, Bonnie.  I’m in second place right now – but that all could change any minute.  It’s just fun to be able to play.  Here’s the link to vote for my “Claiming the Lamb” story again: 

All right, now for some of my favorite authors – Hmm, this is tough, because I have so many!

J.R.Ward, Shari Anton, Dawn Thompson, Connie Mason, Jolie Mathis, Aysel Arwen, Deborah MacGillivray, Kristi Ahlers, Lori Devoti, Brynn Chapman, Ann Voss Peterson, Angela Knight, Paula Quinn, Donna Grant, Yasmine Galenorn, Kresely Cole, Emma Holly, Kathy Steffen, Christine Merrill, Jane Leopold Quinn…see, I can go on and on!

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