Women are known for their ability to multitask.  At times we can talk on the phone, listen to our children, cook dinner, and still know what’s on the evening news.  We have been given two (Big in my case) hips to carry our children – though I think it’s been many years since I’ve even seen my hips!

What about when the kids get older and you’re alone?  How are we supposed to keep up with the times?  The kids used to make me aware of what they were up to, what they like, and what society expects of them.  Now I often wonder if I’m better with the curtains closed, TV off, and the only thing left to stare at me is the dustmill… some call a treadmill… in the corner.  It calls to me, but for some reason it’s too hard to do one thing at a time.  If only they would make a stove with a treadmill attached, with headphones that put the TV in one ear and radio in the other.  Perhaps then I could get everything done the way I used to.  My house used to be clean, the floors emaculate (okay a bit of a stretch there, but the kids didn’t mind eating off them!  😉

I truly believe we need to be busy.  Stay at home moms have the hardest job of anyone I know.  I have been both – a working mother and a stay at home mother – and I can honestly say that although the rewards were better staying home, I was always on the go.  Whether it was cleaning up after the kids, washing clothes, getting all those little things done on a regular basis that when you’re working you only do a couple of times a year because weekends are now a blessing you look forward to.  Plus you spend all your time off (or you should) doing things with the kids because you worked all week and didn’t see them. 

I had someone ask me what I do when I’m bored.  I said “what does that mean?”  I had to look it up in the dictionary again because it’s been so long since I’ve been bored.  I often said that I wish I had a day where I didn’t have anything to do, anywhere to go, and no one picking at me wanting “MOMMY”.  However, that day is now here.  Not that I don’t have anything to do – but with the kids gone I don’t have the urgent need.  I just dust around my husband, pick up his feet to vacuum under, and no longer slave over a stove the way I used to. 

Point?  Be careful what you wish for – the next time the kids are driving you insane and you think “I can’t wait for them to take care of themselves” or “I can’t wait until they leave home so I can have some peace”.  Take it from someone who used to say it……when the day comes, you will be sorry you wished it. 

Serious Bonnie for a change!  Someone slap me – I’m going to get a drink!  See you next month!

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