Hi, Everyone, I want to thank Coffee Time Romance & More for giving me the opportunity to talk to everyone. 

A question frequently asked a writer is – Tell us about how you write. What’s your day like? When do you write? 

Okay, let me describe my typical day. But first, let me tell you a bit about me. I write historical romance and have been doing it for over twenty years. I’m married, I used to teach high school but I’m now retired and living with my husband of nearly fifty years who is also retired.  

Now about my day.  

After years of getting up before the sun, to get to school at seven am, I now sleep until seven am. After a quick snack, and of course, a couple of cups of coffee, I tackle e-mail and answer anything I must. Then I take care of anything having to do with promotion.

No writing yet…..

If I’m lucky, I get a chance to read over what I wrote yesterday, but chances are excellent, my husband will need to go shopping for something. (Before we retired he hated to shop. HMMMMM…. Oh, well, I can plot as I wander through Lowe’s, can’t I?) 

Home again and it’s time for lunch.  No writing yet…. 

Do the dishes and back to the computer. I reread what I wrote yesterday – which probably wasn’t a whole lot. Now, I’m ready! Except, my husband is working on some of my PR and I have to take a look. He wants my okay on what he’s done. He does bookmarks, trailer, brochures and he’s terrific with the things he does, so I can’t complain. So – No writing yet…. 

Back at the computer. I glance at what I did yesterday, and I begin to write. Yipee!

Except, one of my four children, or my granddaughters calls. Only one of my children and one of my granddaughters lives close so they are calling long distance. After all, we’re retired and don’t have anything to do. My husband is working on promotion so he can’t talk. I complete the conversation as quickly as I can, and go back to the computer. Now I can write. I get to put about an hours’ worth of words on the computer and low and below, it’s time for supper.  After dishes, I try for another bit of writing. And sigh. 

If I’m lucky, I probably got a total of 1200 words finished – but I doubt it. I’m not counting the laundry, or grocery shopping, or doctors’ visits. I can’t imagine how these authors with little kids write. They tell me they get up at 4 or 5 in the morning which is probably what I should do.  Or, maybe I should go back to work! I did get more writing done then.

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