I have so many new favorite authors now that I’m a reviewer it’s not even funny! In fact sometimes it feels as though I’m adding someone weekly! LOL

Here’s my list of favorite authors and why:

Evangeline Anderson-She has to be one of my all time top favorite authors mainly because she writes quite a bit of science fiction erotic romance which is one of my favorite genres, but also because she writes such beautiful intense love scenes. If there is anyone I want to be able to imitate when it comes to love scenes, it’s Evangeline.

Christine Feehan-I admire Christine alot because of her productivity. But that’s not the only reason, I’m absolutely in love with her Dark Series and the characters in that world. Where she came up with the idea heaven only knows but these books are so different than your standard vampire romances that I’ve even been willing to buy the hardbacks and that’s saying alot! I never buy hardbacks.

Robin D. Owens-I was soooooo happy when it became apparent that Robin was going to write several books that feature Celta and all those lovely telepathic animals! This is a great series that has everything you could ever want in a romance, fantasy, a tad bit of science fiction, creative world building, oh, and did I mention the talking animals? LOL Seriously though, if you’ve never read these, I highly recommend them, they rock!

Kate Steele-I have to admit I haven’t read any of Kate Steele’s hetero romance books, but I LOVE her gay romances, they practically sizzle! I can’t decide which ones I like the most since I haven’t read one yet that I didn’t like, but I’m especially fond of the werewolf ones. The way she is able to create different worlds for different werewolves is very cool. Of course I also love the way the couples are so loving towards each other too, that is a definite plus with her books. Then there is her Maleri series another winner as far as I’m concerned, and I’m hoping there are more of those coming. She has hinted that there might be, and I’ll certainly be first in line!

JL Langley-I have probably read every one of JL Langley’s books at least 5 times and that is all the way through! Along with Kate Steele, and Evangeline Anderson, she is my all time favorite gay romance author. Like Kate and Evangeline, she can spin worlds and stories like nobody’s business. I will read anything by this author and I’m eagerly awaiting the next book in the Regency Sci-fi series The Englor Affair, November can’t get here soon enough for me!

I of course have a ton of other favorites but these are five authors that I buy their books on a regular basis without fail. I highly recommend all of them, and encourage any and all to check them out! :mrgreen:

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