He’s usually the one I’m writing about at the moment, but my all-time favorite ghero will be my first one, Quinn. He’s the hero of Target, a book due out later this year from The Wild Rose Press. He started life four years ago and the books has amde a complicated journey to finally emerge as something I’m proud of.

      Quinn is a dark knight, a mysterious shadow with a tragic past who ahs shut himself off from the world. He chooses isolation over the possiblity of more pain, until he meets Kate – feisty, sassy, and in more trouble than he’s seen in a long time. From the moment he rescures ehr from the side of the highway, the connection between them is so strong and elemental his self-imposed walls begin to fall away.

      Quinn is strong, forceful, yet can be gentle when he needs to. With his black hair and obsidian dark eyes, the slight shadow along his jawline and the black jeans and t-shirt that are almost a uniform for him, he embodies the work mysterious. Kate, who is living on the edge of nerves as she flees from unknown killers, finds herself trusting him for no reasonexcept that connection that zaps them oiut of nowhere.

      Watch for Kate and Quinn’s story later this year.

      What makes a hero for you? what kind of man do you like to read about? Write about? What’s your favorite color for eyes? Hair? Come on, give me your thoughts.

      And remember. All posters will be in the drawing at the end of the day for a download of either a Judith rochelle or Desiree Holt book.

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