When I heard this month’s Book Brew with the Coffee Crew was going to be erotic books, I was ecstatic! My first thought was the memory of the very first erotic book I ever read. And ironically it was by accident, not choice. I belonged to a book club and was searching for something new to read. I clicked on the “hot sizzlers” selection and went through each novel until I found something that sounded good. While I expected something slightly racier when the novel came in, I hadn’t even heard of erotica much less read it. So my first choice has to be the first erotic book I ever read. Wow! Was I ever shocked…and intrigued. I had never even read a book that contained two men, much less a threesome. As soon as I finished reading this first erotic novel, I hurried up and bought the rest of her books. I have NOT been the same since…

All U Can Eat by Emma Holly. A tale of sex, lies, and big, juicy burgers . . .Sassy diner owner Frankie Smith just lost the battle to keep her wandering boyfriend home, a fact everyone in her small Southern California town is happy to comment on. With looks like hers–and never mind her mean mesquite fries–she’s soon swimming in offers to cheer her up. But when a local society girl turns up dead behind her diner, and Frankie becomes the prime suspect, it looks like world-weary cop, Jack West, might have the inside track!

Trust me on this pick guys and gals. Whether you are a first time reader of erotica novels or an old pro, this book has it all. Steamy scenes, murder, steamy scenes, hot men, steamy scenes, one hot cop, steamy scenes…oh did I mention the handcuffs? Oh yeah, and the steamy scenes. Check out Emma Holly’s website for all her books: http://www.emmaholly.com/.

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