Symbiotic Mates: 4 was just released on August 20th    

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Damian and the Doctor

Symbiotic Mates: 4

A disfigured vampire and a captured wolf find solace in each other. But when Doc shifts to human form, will he still look past Damian's scarred face or turn away in disgust?

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Doc woke, tried to stretch, and realized he couldn't move. Lying on the floor, bound at his wrists, and ankles, the first pangs of anxiety clawed at his gut. Squirming to get some life back in his numb limbs, he stared up at the ceiling. Is it day or night? The absence of a window made him claustrophobic and the loss of freedom and movement made his wolf antsy. Frustration got the better of him and he banged his head against the hardwood floor like a kid throwing a tantrum. It didn't help.

Right about now his Alpha would be throwing his own tantrum, cursing the vampires for taking his men, and working on a plan to get them back. Make it soon, boss. He had to give the bloodsuckers credit for knowing isolation would be the worst possible torture for a Lycan.

Wolves are pack animals, social creatures that need the company of their own kind. How long could he endure this sensory deprivation without going wacko?

Every squeak or movement outside the room made his pulse quicken and his heart race. Stay cool, calm, and collected, Doc. Don't give the bloodsuckers the reaction they want. Cunning bastards, they knew every mind trick in the book. Well, he knew a few tricks of his own and maybe now was the time to play his hand. First, he needed to get out of the restraints. He tested their strength and relaxed a little when he discovered his ruse had worked.

The vampires weren't as smart as they were cracked up to be. If they were, they would have realized he was holding his wrists slightly apart when they tied them; same thing with his ankles. His hands had been bound in front of his body, another mistake on their part. He gripped the rope with his teeth while he wriggled his hands out of the restraints. Freeing his feet was a piece of cake.

His limbs tingled as dormant nerve endings woke up and he stretched to get the blood flowing. Ignoring the sensation of pins and needles, he got to his feet to check out his prison. He could see just fine in the dark, but there wasn't much to see in the small, empty room, just four walls and a locked exit. With an ear to the door, his enhanced hearing picked up breathing sounds on the other side: four vampire guards. He could smell them too. Coppery vampire stink drifted under the door and wafted through the room, offending his hypersensitive nostrils and tempting his wolf to sit up and howl.

Stupid mutt!If the animal had used those senses when he really needed them, he wouldn't be in this fix.


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