We’re anxiously awaiting a new furry friend but…there’s a story that goes with this four-month-old purebred Beagle.  See, 18 years ago (before me and my husband had children), we went to our local Humane Society in search of a cat.  We both worked long hours seven and 1/2 days a week if you know what I mean.  On a whim, I asked my husband to look at the dogs with me.  He immediately fell in love with this Beagle.  The dog in the next cage was the sweetest Golden Retriever/Collie I’d ever seen.  And he was so friendly and affectionate.  My husband called me over to meet “the Beagle.”  That Beagle hated me on site.  It growled and snapped.  I told my husband no way am I taking a dog that doesn’t like me — only you.  I made him meet my new friend.  Well, Ringo, as he was soon called thanks to my husband thinking the dog’s snout resembled The Beatles’ Ringo Starr’s nose, became our new pet.  And just in time, too.  We found out they were putting down this nine-month-old pet the next day.  We had Ringo for fifteen years.  A long life for a big dog.  He died from throat cancer (and NOBODY ever smoked in our house!).  It was one of the saddest days in my life.  I lost my buddy.  He was the reason I could talk out loud when nobody else was around.  He heard more of my story ideas than anyone else!

Three years later…a stray emaciated kitten jumps up on my still warm grill trying to eat the drippings.  I felt so bad for this furball of light gray that I gave her what I was eating — a hamburger with pickles.  My daughter, then six, told me that her name was Pickles because cats don’t eat them unless they’re very hungry.  My husband told me if I took the cat to the vet and had her declawed and deflead (don’t even know how to spell that word so I’ll say free of fleas), she could live with us.  We called all the local shelters, all the local vets and nobody claimed her though she had on this beautiful pink collar.  We spent $495 to bring this kitten back to good health.  And we love her to death.  She’s so affectionate and docile.  My daughter used to carry her around like a rag doll and used her for playing tea party.  The kitten always listened and never seemed to mind.

Present day:  Pickles is one happy, contented cat who is about to meet a young pup.  We tried to go through a rescue center on line.  We picked out this beautiful 1 1/2 year-old Border Collie.  I had to read information on the website about revaccinations and then answer some questions.  One of the questions was how would you decide what vaccinations to give your dog.  Simple.  I’d continue to read up on what’s going on and consult with my vet.  Wrong answer.  According to them, we didn’t qualify because I would consult my vet for the answer.  I was supposed to the make the decision by myself and tell my vet what to do!  Yes, my vet with medical school training and years of training and one who helped my dog live beyond fifteen years!  I wrote back to them and told them if I had cancer, I would read up everything I could.  I’d consult doctors and eventually choose one I trusted and together would make decisions as to my care.  A friend of mine told me it was for the best because a lot of these rescue centers take in dogs from puppy mills who have terrible health problems and don’t want vets asking questions.  I have nothing against taking in a pet from a puppy mill, but I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on immediate health care problems.

My husband’s friend at work was getting an AKC registered Beagle pup from a breeder in MI.  He told my husband they had a four-month-old Beagle pup for $100 and that they could split the delivery charge of $250.  Well…my husband got his wish for a Beagle.  Good things come to he who waits.  I would have preferred rescuing a dog, but I look at it this way:  it must have been meant to be.

Anyone else have pet stories?

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