Hey, Bonnie. Thought I’d go ahead and chime in for the day as I’m off to do research! Yes, with the heavy Colorado snows, hubby, son and I are going to Winter Park to do somethings we haven’t tried yet. The ‘boys’ are going to try their hand at snowboarding. I’m going to go snowshoeing and crosscountry skiing. Yes, this is research for the book I’m working on now. It’s the third in the series I have behind “On Danger’s Edge”–the one up for Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Awards, and Intimate Deceptions. I’m tentatively calling it “Night Maneuvers” however, I’m thinking “Fault Lines” might be a better fit. It’s SGT Rick Hansen’s story and Tab Wellbourne, his first real friend and love. Yes, they see each other again in the Colorado Mountains after years apart due to something stupid Rick did to hurt her. He’s always regretted it and now has the chance to make it up–if it weren’t for the Al Quaida elements who’d infiltrated the country, wanting to kidnap the brilliant Tab for her chemist work. Needless to say, they get stranded unprepared un the mountains. With the terrorists at their backs and the blizzard coming in–they have no where to go. So stay tuned–and find out  what happens to them! I’ll let you know on my blogs and at the boards here what I’ve discovered this weekend. I’m sooooo looking forward to this!

 And in case I don’t have the time to say it, thanks again for having me. This has been a blast!


~ Lise

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