I just re-read this book this weekend because I was thinking about today on the blog.  I love this book.  The hero is sexy and the girl is smart and funny and level headed which is necessary since there is someone out there trying to kill our hero while he can not remember anything! 

I love this book.  It is one of my ‘keepers’  Anyone else read this one?

Annie O’Toole has a past….

The last time Annie saw Sam, they were lying in each other’s arms beneath a canopy of stars. Now Annie paces a secluded airfield at midnight, awaiting the arrival of an unmarked Navy helicopter. Her assignment: Get this Navy SEAL back into fighting form pronto–and keep his identity a secret. But who’s going to protect her from a man who looks at her as if she were a stranger and who doesn’t remember the one night she’ll never forget?

His name is Sam McKade.

Six foot four inches of tough, trained professional, Sam risked his life in an act of rare courage, saving a busload of schoolchildren from certain death. But becoming America’s newest media hero can be dangerous for a man with an undercover past. Sam could do a lot worse than this secluded beach resort. Ditto the sexy therapist who seems maddeningly familiar–if he only knew where or when. But he’s about to find out–as a dangerous enemy surfaces out of his shadowed past, leaving a trail of bodies right to Annie’s door.

Now the rugged SEAL who doesn’t believe in love or commitment is about to risk everything…because for Sam McKade, protecting this woman, this extraordinary woman, has become the most important mission of his life….

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