Many of my holiday traditions have been carried over from my childhood, but in 2004, we moved away from family so we had to make our own. While we love and adore our family,  these traditions help us love them more…without the hassle, stress and arguments that so often arise. I know most people enjoy being with their families for the holidays. We are odd. We have a big dinner, but cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for 7 (2 humans and 5 dogs) is so much easier than cooking for 17 (Been there, done that, got the t-shirt). We’re weird, but we are happy and still in contact with our family members. Happy Thanksgiving!!

1. Past tradition- Spending time in the kitchen with my mom as we cooked and baked for dinner

2. Past tradition- Sitting down after dinner with my mom and Grandma to visit and reminisce

3. Present-  Football, Football, Football

4. Present- Watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles

5. Present- Spending the day in my pajamas

6. Past- Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade

7. Past and Present- Watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special

8. Present- NO TURKEY

10. Present-  No running from house to house for dinner. I get to relax and visit with family via the phone

11. Present- Black Friday deals

12. Present- Putting up the Yule tree

13.  Present- Spending the day with my hubby, my canine kids and a good book.

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