Since I was a kid, I disliked having a birthday so close to Christmas. Today, Dec. 16, is indeed my birthday, which is 9 days before Christmas.

Through the years during childhood, it has been difficult to celebrate my birthday with as much gusto as other kids. My parents — a Contractor & a stay-at-home Mum — didn’t always have the “extra” means to have a huge party for me and accommodate for Christmas as well. This isn’t easily understood by a child and I disliked not having what my other friends had. However, my parents were fair that my brothers didn’t have huge parties either which was fair of them.

As a parent now, I understand my parents thoughts and own sadness of being unable to give us all what we want. And I understand the need to prioritize and do what one can. Nowadays, my hubs and kids make up for a lot. No matter how I protest now, they make my birthday all the sweeter and fun. I love the kids’ preparations for dinner and cake attempts, and have learned that it doesn’t matter about anything else.

As long as I have my family around, it’s all that counts.

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Since it is my birthday, I’m giving away TWO Ebook copies (winner’s choice) to one lucky winner. Winner will be drawn and announced on Dec 17 (Mon) by 6pm EST.

To enter — simply leave a note and tell me about the most exciting birthday you’ve ever had!


My latest Release….


A Ghost for Christmas

Kacey Hammell

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance

Release Date: December 6th

ISBN# 978-1-77130-211-1

After receiving a long weekend at an elegant hotel beside the majestic Niagara Falls as a Christmas gift, Jodie Gibson is determined to do nothing but relax and enjoy the scenery. And, okay, just maybe meet someone who makes her toes curl.

Sebastian is sophisticated, tall, dark and gorgeous–everything a woman fantasizes about. But he’s also an 18th century ghost. He haunts the halls of the hotel, seeking the one true love that can help him find peace…


Excerpt © Kacey Hammell

As she peered into the reflective glass, a face appeared behind her. Jodie whipped around and fell back against the window.

Oh my fucking God!

Before her, in what looked like a shimmering bubble, stood the most breathtakingly beautiful man she’d ever seen. Dressed in a white shirt and black pants, he had dark unruly hair and striking, magnetic blue eyes that held her in place.

Jodie blinked, uncertain, scared and breathless.

How was it possible? She’d read the newspaper clippings, yes, but it was unimaginable to think ghosts might actually walk among the living.

Not everything made sense. She only believed in things that could actually be seen, felt and touched. This seemed surreal.

Stunned by the apparition before her, dressed in what looked like centuries-old clothes straight out of Esquire, he seemed to look straight through her, and his smile warmed her clear to her toes. Lord, she was in trouble.

“Hello.” Soft and gravelly, his voice alone seduced her…all the way to her toes. Her body quivered and her center tightened.

Whoa. What the hell am I thinking?  There’s a ghost in front of me and I’m ready to jump his bones. Not bloody likely.

“What are you doing here? Get out.  I don’t care who you are, you’re leaving, right now.”

He frowned. “No need to be frightened.  I’ve been here for centuries.”

Jodie laughed, and not one to wilt like a scared little girl, stood tall. “This is all a joke.” She looked around, up and down, and all over the room. “Are there hidden cameras somewhere?  Hey, Ashton, if you’re behind the camera, you can come out now.  I’ve been Punk’d good. Thanks and all, but I’d like to get on with my evening without you.”

“Who is this Ashton? What is a punk?  A rake, perhaps?” he asked.

Jodie squinted.  “A rake?”  She hadn’t ever heard that term spoken, but had read it in historical romances. No one talked like that these days. “No. Never mind, it’s not important. Listen, I just want you to go. I want to enjoy my evening.”

His smile was gentle. “I’m sorry, my dear, but this evening every decade is the only time I am visible to the human eye. I never miss a chance to watch the Falls.”

Every decade…

“You’re telling me you do this every ten years? How old are you?”

“I was born in 1781. That makes me—”

“Two hundred thirty-one,” Jodie whispered, legs weak. She grabbed the back of the chair nearby and sat down. Were such things even possible?


An eighteenth century ghost stood before her.

Merry Christmas to me.

Available at…

Evernight Publishing




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