Seeking Kokopelli


Nate hesitated outside Adam’s room. His hand shook when he reached to push the door open. He closed his eyes for an instant; his breath eased out. Part of him knew crossing the threshold was a mistake. But he couldn’t turn back, either, and have Adam draw incorrect conclusions. With a frustrated sigh, he cautiously stepped inside the room.

“I thought you’d decided not to have a drink with me. Grab a seat.” Adam waved at one of the two queen-size beds. Black hair, damp at the ends from the spa pool, curled in disarray. His open shirt revealed a golden, muscular chest. “Do you want a beer or something stronger?”

“Stronger.” Adam looked casual and too attractive for Nate’s peace of mind. Nate cursed under his breath, instant arousal jolting his dick to life again as he handed over his bottle of whiskey. He took a seat on the bed farthest away from Adam. Maybe the distance would help.

Adam cocked his head, staring at him before frowning. “You okay?”

“Ah…yeah.” Nate had to clear his throat to force out the words. He was a fool for putting himself in this position. “Have you ever met anyone you wanted to have a long term relationship with?” And talking about it wasn’t helping, blast it. He shifted uneasily on the bed, trying to find a comfortable spot.

“Yes.” Adam handed him a glass holding a generous shot of whiskey before returning to get his drink.

Something about the other man’s tone told Nate more than he wanted to know. “Me? Jesus, Adam. I’m a married man. Was a married man,” he amended bleakly. “I like women.”

“Don’t get me wrong.” Adam shrugged. “I like women, but men do it for me sexually.”

“Not me.” Nate’s voice held a trace of defiance. He took a slug of whiskey, wincing at the burn across his tongue before he swallowed.

“Damn it, Nate. Stop behaving like I’m gonna jump you. I’ve never done anything out of line where you’re concerned. I’m not about to start now.”

“Good.” Some of the tension residing in Nate’s gut relaxed. “That’s good.”

Adam offered him a slow grin. “Unless you ask me to,” he added.

Mid-swallow, Nate spluttered. Adam sauntered across the distance separating them and clapped him on the back. Not an improvement. The heat from his hand shot straight to Nate’s groin. A groan escaped and he couldn’t meet Adam’s gaze.

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