I ran this scene past my hubby to make sure it’s not too naughty to post, but I must warn you, it’s pretty hot.  If you’re under 18, avert your eyes and head somewhere more innocent.

This is from chapter 2 of a tale between an ex-love slave and the new elven empress.

Excerpt of Guardian of the Onyx Empire by Vanessa N. Gilfoy

She didn’t wake when the door closed behind him, nor to his bare feet on the brick floor. He stopped on the red rug before her chair, tense and aching. His biceps twitched with anticipation. It had been too long. His pulse seemed to echo in his head too loud.

But somehow, her dreams clamored past, into his thoughts. She toyed with fantasies of what she’d do if she had him alone. The strongest image was that of him tense with orgasm.

Earth. Plush wool softened the thud of his knees as he knelt.

She wasn’t the innocent the dwarf imagined her to be. Pebbles of guilt chipped from the rock in Alexander’s gut. She knew what to expect, partly.

But he’d show her so much more. Mmm, where to begin her lessons?

Her legs. Long and curved. Nearly bare, except for the play of shadow and moonlight. Delicate knees pressed together atop the seat, feet kissing her pert bottom. The hem of her dress rode up just beneath, almost enough to see how much she wanted him. The smooth skin of her supple thighs called to his palms. He wanted to slip his fingers beneath that dress, to her warm center. But he shouldn’t yet.

Not ’til she chose him.

He prayed he could hold out. Twenty years out of practice.

She muttered in her sleep, “Will you?”

“I’ll give you everything you want and more.”

Her fingers spread wide and clawed at the chair arms. Her black lashes fluttered up just before she recoiled. Her heels dug into the edge of the seat and gave him a full view of her….

But the want to touch scurried away when she silently screeched for help. Her gaze darted to the door, toward escape.

S**t. That dwarf had poisoned her head. “Don’t fear me, love.” Alexander turned up his palms and sat back on his haunches to seem harmless. His erection suddenly made him feel monstrous. But her perfume held it rigid, out of his control. He shifted but couldn’t hide his erection.

Her eyes glistened and widened like a rabbit’s when cornered by a predator. Her lips barely moved when she asked, “Why can’t I read you?”

That’s why she sat here instead of running. To steal the locations of the blackstones from his head while he slept, as if that were possible.

He’d already offered them to her but she didn’t believe him. Damn that dwarf. If only the bastard had taken the money.

Lizeria’s plans scattered in an orchestra of thoughts, with fear as the percussion. She’d have seemed schizophrenic, except the melodies sometimes crossed and linked up. Strange. Unique. Entirely confusing.

He couldn’t focus on any one. Her heaving breasts stole his gaze. Each gasp pushed her soft flesh against the laces of her dress and deepened the shadowy cleft where he wanted to run his tongue. He could taste her sweet perfume already. Lilies and roses concentrated to their purest form. The scent saturated his senses and engorged his cock to its painful limits.

She squeezed her thighs together and squirmed deeper into the chair.

Damn it. He must seem like a depraved pervert. He dropped part of his mind shields to show he wanted more than sex, that he wouldn’t hurt her.

Lizeria’s mind slipped into his. Nothing ever felt better. Only her slick sex could possibly match the sensation of her in his head. She was like silk caressing his every thought. Oh yes. He tried to pull her in deeper.

But she clung to the surface, where his cravings burned.

Her own body arched, breasts firm and lifted. Nipples hard, ready for his fingers. A heavenly moan rose from her pale lips. Just enough room for his tongue.

The sight made his heart quicken. Hers tumbled in time with his.

He slithered his fingers over her knees and thumbed the sensitive spot between. So smooth.

She shivered and her knees knocked against his thumb.



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