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I wanted to share a bit of mental foreplay for Valentines, but my naughty scenes are too graphic.  Instead, here’s a list of the naughty bits you can find in my fantasy and paranormal novels.  Enjoy the sexy scenarios.

Masquerade of the Cursed King by Vanessa N. Gilfoy
Rough tease – chp 2
Solo (him) – chp 2
Unconscious plaything – chp 5
Dungeon  (The king chains and pleasures an elven beauty in “punishment”) – chp 5
Masquerade orgy  – chp 4 & 7
Masked and private – chp 10, 12, 15,
Magic induced – chp 14
Dungeon  (She chains and forces him) – chp 19
On his knees isn’t just for begging – chp 24
Human king and elven beauty – all of the above

Guardian of the Onyx Empire by Vanessa N. Gilfoy
Seduction of an innocent – chp 1 & 2
Ripped clothing – chp 2
Waking to him – chp 4
Mounted – chp 4
Teacher and student – chp 6 & 8
Ex-love slave and elven empress – all of the above

Quest into the Forbidden by Vanessa N. Gilfoy
Under a waterfall – chp 1
Light S&M – chp 3
Snuck into her bedroom; in danger of being caught – chp 5
Public (army watches them) – chp 6
Human king and elven princess – all of the above

Healing Wounds by Vanessa N. Gilfoy
Tied and gagged – chp 6
Caught solo – chp 10
Jealous rage – chp 14
She seduces him – chp 16
Vampire – chp 16 & 18

 I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but when I’m book shopping, I-um skim for the naughty bits.  If I find something that makes my face flush with heat, I buy it.  Not that I don’t buy the others.  (I love fantasy and frightening settings, too.)

Hoping your V-Day is all hot and steamy,

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