A.W. Exley by her own admission got through school by hiding out in the library. A life long lover of books, she has always been well read, and loved to write. Egypt has a strong fascination for her, and while studying accounting at university she killed the boredom by writing papers on Egyptology and teaching herself how to read hieroglyphics.

She lives in rural New Zealand with her two children and an assortment of animals. Her other claim to fame is being a “bona fide corset-wearting side-saddle riding freak.”

Yowsa! What an absolutely fantastic, wonderful book. I cannot say enough good things about Nefertiti’s Heart, A.W. Exley has written an absolute masterpiece in my humble opinion. I have not read many steampunk books, but if this is even a fraction of the type of writing that is available in this genre I will definitely be reading more. The world building is stellar, the characters deep, emotional, and above all realistic. This may be a world set in an alternate universe, and timeline but it is such a well drawn universe that felt as though I had stepped into a world that truly exists. I kept expecting to look out the window and see people in Victorian dress and steam powered cars. Imagine my surprise when I looked up and discovered I was still on the bus riding home from work! The love story within this book is very powerful, and only one of the reasons I found myself reading the story cover to cover a second time. If you never pick up another book this year, and you love deeply emotional love stories coupled with alternate universes, and a mystery, then I urge you to pick up Nefertiti’s Heart, you won’t be sorry!

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