Never Cry Werewolf is a HarperTeen book that I had a fantastic time reading. As much as I love romance, sometimes it is nice to just sit back and relax with a book that does not include all the steamy and lush foilage (gotta keep this blog pg-13 hee hee hee) of your  typical romance. When I see a good book to read, whether it be for adults or teens, I pick it up. If I can’t get into the book within the first few chapters, then it goes by the wayside. Unless of course I have to read it for review. But enough of that. Let me get to this book.

Author Heather Davis tells the tale of Shelby, a teen girl who is being a typical teenager. When her stepmother, who is comparable to that stepmother from Cinderella,  convinces her father that she needs to go to camp, she has a decision to make. It is either a camp deep in Oregon or one that looks like it is one step closer to Hell on earth. Deciding to stay a little cool, she of course chooses Oregon. How was she supposed to know that somehow she would still get into boy trouble? Or the fact that this camp has secrets? Well…check out Never Cry Werewolf because it is good, clean, fun with enough zest to keep both adults and teens reading. I know it kept me reading!

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