My book trailer for Never Surrender is up for an award if I win so I need your votes at should you want to go there and take a peek. My video is #10. I’d love to know what you think so be sure to pop out and take a look, but return here so we can chat again.

The premise of this story came about during a trip to visit my brother and his family when they lived in Dubois, Wyoming, a small town high in the Rockies that has a character all it’s own. It’s located east of Jackson Hole just over the pass. The hero and heroine, Taima and Kate, made themselves known to me and refused to be ignored until I had put them into print. This is their story as she travels through time and back, only to realize who Brandon really is. Will their future open up in an upcoming novel? Read Never Surrender, then let me know if Brandon and Kate deserve a book of their own.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Dubois is a wonderful town and will take you back to the 1800’s with the wooden sidewalks and stagecoach rides for the kids. Close your eyes and enjoy the fresh mountain air, scented with a hint of sagebrush, then look around and take in the snow-capped mountains that frame the outskirts of town. 
The wooden sidewalks, the stagecoach rides through town, cowboys tying up their horse outside the Mercantile Store and you may have to stop your car while cattle cross the road!  The mountain views will take your breath away as you drive to the top and look down on the city. Perhaps you’ll see a bear meandering the hillside or elk racing across a meadow. Wow!
Whiskey Basin is where you will find petroglyphs and Brooks Lake is gorgeous! The log structure of the Branding Iron Inn lends to the ambiance and the owners are very friendly, you’ll love them. The Cowboy Cafe has an outdoor eating area so you can enjoy the views while leisurely eating your meal. I’m not sure if the Pony Espresso is still there or not but they made great lattes. Am I carrying on too much? I only wish everyone could visit the area.  Dubois is where my story started and the characters played out the scenes for me. Many of these things you will find described throughout my novel.

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