Now, I don’t know if he should be considered romance or fiction, but I will post him as one of my favorite romance writers anyway. The first book, I read by Nicholas was The Wedding (which is a follow up to The Notebook). There was romance, but not like you would imagine. I thought to myself, “I’m not sure I like this guy.” So, I bought a second. After finishing this one, I said, “This guy is twisted. Why doesn’t he believe in happy endings?” So, I bought a third (and so on and so on). One thing came to me as I finished the next book: Life is messy. Sometimes the guy doesn’t always get the girl, sometimes it’s about moving through the pain and getting on with life. I laugh and cry my through every single one of his stories and then vow to never read another… then the next release comes out and I buy it anyway.

Nicholas Sparks’ website

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