From fiction, to cookbooks, and scandalous biographies, Kim loves books! Her perfect date is strolling inside a bookstore, with her husband, for a few hours. One glimpse inside her house, and you will see books lying everywhere. Growing up, as an Army brat, meant traveling and with each location, her mother finding a local library. Kim was always immersed in imaginary worlds. When her mother decided she was spending too much time reading, she told her to take out the trash, then locked her out. It was time for her to go find some friends. She still loves to make friends, and read books. Kim has other interests in her life and writing great stories is one of them.

Night Falls Darkly is so compelling, it grabs the reader and keeps them entertained and on the edge-of-their-seat until the dramatic conclusion. I love how the chemistry simmers between Archer and Elena, as their relationship slowly builds up between them. The reader can almost visualize their every eye contact and movement. The Ripper is indeed one brutal man I certainly would not wish to meet. Kim Lenox sketches extraordinary characters and visualizations that engage the reader. Her style of writing hooks the reader and keeps them interested to the last page. For those looking for romance, passion, suspense and believable characters, this impressible read has it all.

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