I didn’t see these three things in your post, so that tells me you have what it takes to go the long haul. 

It’s always nice to hear that authors are willing to go that extra mile for their authors, I’m really glad you and the rest decided to stay for those autographs.  I’m sure it made their day, heck, it would have made my decade!  Laurell K Hamilton has been one of my favorite authors since I picked up on of her books over ten years ago.  I even have all those  beautiful comics too.  Ms Liu is a new discovery, but she’s shaping up to be another obsession.   I’ve earmarked your site for later so I can go over and drool at the pictures.  

People ask romance novelists the same question time and again. You’re a woman, how do you write the hero’s POV?  I’d ask this in returen. How did someone write about a spur jingling, range riding son of a gun when the closest they’d been to cow was a filet mignon on the Upper East Side?  The answer’s the same then as now:  imagination, talent and of course, research, research research.

I have enjoyed the excerpts, and yes, the time as always flys by very quickly when you’re having a good time.  I’d like to thank you for blogging with us Samantha, but please don’t be a stranger! 

And of course, before you go today tell the readers what they always want to hear. What are you working on now? And of course, what’s coming out next?

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