I am anxiously awaiting to receive the cover now, which I should get any day. This full length erotic biker romance is a spinoff from Phantom Riders MC – Hawk. The story is about the VP of Phantom Riders, Rock, and the woman who ran away pregnant with his baby years before. Right now I’m crossing my fingers for an end of December release date. It will be up for pre-order soon. Below is an excerpt that is not edited or finalized. Enjoy!

Excerpt – “I’m taking my son back to Maine with me.”

“You can’t do that,” she finally said.

“I can, and I will,” I assured her. “As his mother you’re welcome to come along.”

She looked at me as if I’d grown another head. “Our life is here, Rock. My job, Sam’s school.” A grin tugged at my mouth when she slammed her hands on her hips.

“Is that all?” I sneered. “There are jobs and schools everywhere.” Her cute little mouth tightened. The fire in her eyes became brighter. “What about your love life?”

“That’s none of your fucking business,” she said with anger, her tits moving with her heavy breathing. “Now either we sit down and talk like grown adults on how to handle this situation with our son, or you can get the hell out.”

The slightest quiver of her bottom lip was the only tell tale sign that she was about to lose it, and by lose it, I meant start to cry. In spite of that she was holding her own, facing off with me and putting down her foot. She was like a tigress where Sam was concerned. And that made me feel fucking good. Showed me she’d been a good mother to our son. I grinned. I liked her spunk. And because this was about Sam, I’d let her get away with it this time.

“There’s nothing to discuss, baby.” Why did I feel like I was beating a dead horse? We just kept going round and round. Guess it was time to put my own foot down, and remind Allie who she was dealing with. She should know she can never win against me. “This is how it’s going to be. BK and Big John will help you pack up your shit and put it on a truck with my bike. You and Sam will drive back to Maine in the truck with me.”

“Your brothers came with you?”

“You know we never travel alone.” I began to laugh when I saw her expression change to one of concern. “Sweetheart, I don’t need any help in handling you, if that’s what you think.”

“I wasn’t thinking that. I’ve been on my own for seven years. I don’t need handling.”

“Then maybe what you need is a good fuck.” Oh, she didn’t like that. Her pretty peaches and cream complexion turned a few deep shades of red. “You seem a little tense, baby.”


She took a deep breath. “Leave it to you to turn this into sex, Rock. I see nothing has changed. Is that all you ever think about? You don’t know what I need and you’re a-a asshole!” Allie was so mad she was visibly trembling.

“You forget I know you baby. You like sex almost as much as I do, especially after a good fight.” I knew that I was baiting her, trying to see how far I could push her before she jumped off the edge and threw herself at me in a fit of rage. My dick jumped at the thought of having her curves against it.

“Correction, Rock,” I could practically see the waves of anger rolling off her. “You knew me.” There was satisfaction in her snarky tone. A second later she was pivoting toward the kitchen.

Tory Richards

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