My next big release comes out on 12/30. If you read Phantom Riders MC – Hawk then you’ve already met his VP, Rock. This is his story, and it’s a stand alone romance.

Club trouble won’t keep Rock from bringing his son and Allie home.

Rock’s the VP of Phantom Riders MC. Dangerous. Unpredictable. Ruthless. A killer who’ll stop at nothing to keep what’s his. And he wants Allie and their son.

Allie had given Rock her virginity, and then ran away when she got pregnant. Seven years later he shows up at her door, demanding his son, and claiming her.

Excerpt – Just as she reached out for the refrigerator door handle the doorbell rang. She switched directions in one smooth motion, but I reached the front door first. I peered through the peephole and ground my teeth together, seeing Tom, her want-a-be-boyfriend. When Allie made a move to open the door I grabbed her wrist and slammed her up against it. She caught her breath sharply, mouth open and a question in her eyes. I took in her reaction for a second before slamming my mouth down on hers.

She stiffened but I ignored it, crushing my weight against hers and demanding she give me what I wanted. Her hands came up to push me away. I reached up and grabbed her ponytail at the top of her head, twisting the length of thick hair around my hand to hold her in place. She whimpered beneath my mouth and I recognized her sound of pleasure from memory, thrusting my tongue inside like I wanted to thrust my dick into her body. My dick was about to pound through my pants and I dry humped her lower belly, groaning low. Another moan escaped her, coupled with her fingers clenching into my shirt and chest.

The pain her sharp nails inflicted jacked up my libido. Allie should have known better. Pain turned me the f**k on and my hand found its way to her large breasts. I squeezed one and pinched the nipple hard, feeling her submit to me in the wild and needy way that was all her. No other woman matched her passion or the depths of greedy need that I knew was holding her prisoner.

The doorbell rang again and I pulled back with a low groan, capturing the wildness reflected in her gaze. We were both breathing heavy. Allie was flushed with warmth, more than just desire stamped on her face. I could feel her hard little nipples digging into me as sharply as her nails. Her mouth was swollen and glistening. Primal satisfaction surged through me as I noted the just f**ked look she had going on. I took the necessary step back, pulling the band holding her ponytail with me so that she was left with a thick halo of mussed hair.

“Someone’s at the door,” I said smugly, her wild hair begging for me to lose my hands in it.

She pulled herself together quickly, giving me a hate-filled glare that only amused the f**k out of me. “Asshole!” she whispered harshly, shoving me out of the way and opening the door.

*excerpt not edited or finalized

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