Thanks, Claudine.  Yay!  It’s Valentines day.

Okay.  Answers: 
The first story I ever wrote was for a novella competition in middle school.  I won, but looking back on it now, it blew.  It’s in a dark box somewhere as punishment.  My first serious work, years later, grew to over 700 pages and had zero structure, so it stays hidden in my hard drive.  It was my writing school where I could make mistakes and try out techniques until I figured out what works.  Someday, I’ll rewrite that chunky fantasy for publication, but much shorter.

I usually write in the evening because my head’s clearer then.  (I’m sooo not a morning person.)  To get in the mood, music and coffee are my Pavlovian bells.  My husband is such a sweetie, that he prints and tacks up pictures of my characters for me.  When I describe their personalities, he immediately knows what they look like.  Those pics jumpstart my imagaination.


Quest into the Forbidden started as backstory for that 700 pager of which I do not speak.  I’m neurotic about keeping records of each character’s traits and family history.  Normally, it’s the heroine that speaks to me first, but in this case, it was the plot.  Their unique love story drew me in.

BRB.  I gotta get me some coffee that’s hot, strong, and rich.  😉

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