I have been trying to keep up with the Olympics as much as possible with my life. I have to say that the U.S.A. has done amazing so far! I have tried to get my three young children to watch with me. They liked to watch the horses jump over the fences, wanted the fencers to actually have a sword fight to the death and squealed like girls when the weightlifter broke his arm (they watched that a few times). Come to find out that there are a few semi new sports to the Olympics, BMX racing and Trampoline. Hum let’s think about these, Shall we? As I’m watching the TV in complete shock, both of my male children have decided that is what they are going to the Olympics for. I can’t even blink. Growing up we were taught that the Olympics were the best of the best getting together to compete. How did the Olympics choose the BMX team and the trampoline team? To make this so much more interesting the BMX team gets cheerleaders. Huh!?

BMX pictures




I must admit the people on the trampoline have guts.


Don’t get me wrong I have been to an X games. I have two male children who think that is the best show since sliced bread. I enjoyed myself. I like to think of myself as a hip mom, I understand that times are changing and we must evolve or be run over. But is this what we get to look forward to for the winter Olympics? If so, break out the big new games:

  • Extreme snowman making (with cheerleaders)
  • Snow writing (male athletes only)
  • Ice fishing (bring on the cheerleaders)
  • Gingerbread house making
  • Bobbing for apples while wearing winter gear (Cheerleaders here also)


The next summer games


  • Finger painting (cheerleaders)
  • Mud pie making
  • Fly swatting (cheerleaders)
  • Mud Wrestling
  • Extreme tanning
  • Scab picking (with cheerleaders) 

Enjoy these new games. If you can think of any more I would Love to hear your thoughts!


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