Hey Bonnie!


I think I answered some of your questions in comments, so I’m pleading for mercy on this system. I’m trying out new things on my website, but blogging is still one of the mysteries of the universe that come from the dark side of the moon to me. It’s been a very busy week, and unexpected things (good and bad) kept me running for days.

OMG, where would I start with the Laird series? It was a unique inspiration for a twist on a time travel plot that launched five wonderful books. Laird of the Game is the first book and it’s available at Amazon.com or Borders Bookstores.

I also have some fabulous new artwork on my website from English Graphic Artist Bez, so I hope you get a chance to drop by to the heroines in the Laird series.

My desire for today, is just to keep the house standing while I prepare jello for the Thanksgiving dinner! I am delighted that Amber, from Amber’s Kitchen is cooking dinner for tomorrow so I can come out to play. (I don’t know how she got the cooking gene – it’s a miracle!)

I’m great at folding napkins, and polishing silverware! People like you amaze me. I would rather write a computer training manual than arrange flowers, or try to find the right paint color for the dining room. It took me months to decide on a cashmere color with pearl trim. (For those who are wondering about this combination, think beige and white.) LOL

I did, however, find a wonderful wine to go along with dinner.

What’s cooking at your house?

 I need that cup of coffee! 

Lori leigh

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