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I am going to leave you all with one last excerpt, from my very first book, Lord Demon’s Delight which received a 4 and 1/2 star Romantic Times Review!

When she bargained with the devil of her dreams, they both found their heart’s delight.  

Demons of Dunmore Series

Lady Jessaline Nolan is as stubborn as her fiery red hair implies; thwarting her father’s wishes every chance she gets. The day of her impending forced marriage proves no exception. She swears she would rather marry a Demon of Dunmore than the man her father has chosen.

Lord Llewellyn Dunmore is happily unwed, as the men in his lineage have remained for generations. It’s become a family tradition. But he is drawn to the beautiful damsel in distress and agrees to save her on one condition—that she willingly succumb to his every sensual demand. To his utter surprise, she agrees.

Jessaline and Llewellyn spend their nights in decadent delight while Jessaline’s father schemes to bring her back by any means necessary, and three rather cranky fairy-godmothers lend their magical help to the lovers.

Darker secrets lurk, however, as well as a shadowy past that Jessaline is unaware of. Can the new love between Jessaline and Llewellyn survive when confronted with hidden truths?
 At last, Llew pointed to a stark stone tower that rose up in the distance. “We are almost there,” he shouted over his shoulder. He pulled Broch to a standstill as they crested the last hill. “Welcome to your new home.” He waved his hand to the dirtiest castle Jess had ever seen.

She plastered a smile on her face as they rode closer. Piles of refuse baked in the day and thick clay mud stuck to everything. It stank with an odor Jess could barely stomach—and her husband seemed to revel in every foul breath he took.

He was grinning from ear to ear as he slid from the saddle, holding out his arms to help Jessaline do the same. She, however, would have much preferred to remain on the horse, high away from the rank smelling ground beneath them.

She wrinkled her nose and tried to look pleased, but it proved almost impossible when a herd of piglets rushed squealing across her path. They were followed by an even dirtier boy who took great pride in badgering them at the top of his youthful lungs.

Jess contemplated the keep. Jess cursed the keep. Jess swore she would clean and clear out the keep.

Llew smiled and wiped a splatter of mud from his chin before taking Jessaline’s hand to lead her inside the tall stone building.

The great hall wasn’t in much better shape. Granted the huge oaken table was beautifully carved and designed—at least what Jess could see of it beneath the stacks of unwashed platters. The massive fireplace boasted slabs of polished marble, and there were tapestries of brocade and velvet hung high upon the walls. Well, Jess thought they might be velvet. It was hard to see through the layers of cobwebs that draped them.

She looked down at the floor and quickly looked back up. She was sure there were any number of vermin hiding there she didn’t care to know about right now.

A fat serving woman struggled to drag a cask of ale in from the mud and Llew rushed to help her, smacking her hard on the bottom as she turned to give him a wink. “Glad yer back, my lord,” she greeted.

Llew hauled the cask easily onto one shoulder. Jess watched in admiration as the corded muscles of his arms bunched and strained as he carried the ale through a door that Jess assumed led to the kitchens. With great trepidation she followed. What new level of filth would she find there?

In all actuality, the kitchen fared much better than the rest of the keep. While there were several rusted pots hanging in the cold fireplace, the table was clean and polished, and the jars and pots that lined the shelves were free from dust or mold. Jess nodded her satisfaction, rested her hands on her hips, and surveyed the situation.

“My lady wife, Jessaline Dunmore,” Llew said to the other woman. He turned to Jess. “This is Margaret. She has served my family for many years.”

Margaret gave Jess a brief curtsy and smiled. “Welcome, my lady, it’ll be nice havin’ a woman’s touch around the keep. My lords Dunmore are difficult for one old woman to handle.”

Jessaline decided she liked Margaret. “Do you have no help?”

The older woman cleared her throat. “My lords usually have other uses for the girls.”

Llew at least had the decency to duck his head.

“How many lords of Dunmore are there?” Jessaline asked him.

“Uh…only three of us live here.”

Jessaline was not amused. It wasn’t the serving wenches’ primary job to entertain the masters of the keep. At least not in her keep. “All men?”

“Yes.” Llew raised his head and tried to stare her down. Jess held his gaze until he took her hand and led her from the kitchen. “Let me show you to our chamber.” His eyes took on a wicked intensity. Now it was Jessaline who found herself tempted to turn away.

He led her back through the great hall and up a stone stairway that spiraled along one wall. The second story had three rooms that opened off a single hallway. Llew led her to the very end of the hall and threw open a wooden door before he picked her up and carried her across the threshold.

The instant he touched her, Jessaline melted. Whatever faults the man possessed fled like mist beneath the heat of his sun. The smile he gave her could have tempted even a saint, and Jess’s pulse rose again as he cradled her to his chest.

Then she made the mistake of looking at her surroundings…

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