21264625.jpgI love graveyards!  Well, at least I liked them when I was little.  They were fun to run around, hide behind the tombstones, and pretend to be ‘dead’.  Now I feel like I can’t go near one because I’ve already got one foot in the grave.  Eek!  What would happen if I stepped on an open grave and fell in?  I think I’m more afraid now than I was before. 

I love that you’re writing from a different country about a country that you were born in.  What is this like?  Do you have specific memories from here in the US that you can’t get out of your head, and that’s why you write about it?  Do you find it difficult to separate yourself from each place? 

I heard it always rains in England – is this true?  Do you have nasty winters, or is every season similar?  I am ignorant when it comes to this stuff.  I am lucky to know what it’s like in my own backyard sometimes.  I don’t trust the weathermen, and think a tornado would be sitting on top of their heads and they’d be trying to shoo it away like a fly – still insisting that sunshine was coming!

Thanks for filling me in on this book!  Tell me more!  Tell me more!  Hey – I’m a Grease fan, what can I say?


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