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The Lady and the Spy by Ruth A. Casie

With each encounter, her heartbeat quickened. With each encounter, his need for her grew stronger. Enter a world of passion and intrigue as Lady Patrice Montgomery Edgemont and Nikolai Baranov find themselves caught up in a game of love and revenge. Lady Patrice is...

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All Hail the Underdogs by E. L. Massey

When seventeen-year-old Patrick Roman is offered a scholarship to a top hockey preparatory school, he thinks maybe his notorious bad luck has finally ended. With a hearing for his legal emancipation on the horizon, he dreams of getting scouted and securing a place on...

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Harlem After Midnight by Louise Hare

As Mixed-race jazz singer Lena Aldridge arrives in New York, she thought she left the seedy underworld of jazz clubs behind in London, but secrets and murder seem to have followed her across the Atlantic. After a chaotic journey at sea aboard the Queen Mary, Lena is...

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Rhyme of Love by Emily Carrington

Gil struggles to hide his loss of status from Jack, but when he finally confesses, Jack turns around and blurts out his own secret. Who can Gil trust now? Jack knows he screwed up, but he believes in honesty above everything else. Well, almost. Running the risk of...

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For Nate by Jessamyn St.Claire

College senior, Jacob Dawson, moved to California to rekindle a previous relationship from several years past. When he meets and befriends Nate, a beautiful man who hides all his pain and baggage behind a pair of oceanic blue eyes and exuberant smile, Jacob is dragged...

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The Lady and the Earl by Ruth A. Casie

Step into the lavish world of the Regency era in England with The Lady and the Earl. Harriet Manning, a brilliant physician, is passionate about helping others and devotes herself to medicine, despite societal norms standing in her way. With her mother urging her to...

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